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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Give peace the finger.

Make sure you get your T-shirts while they are hot. Nothing like wearing your ideology on your sleeve, or your chest.

J-Walk Blog: Pencil Hats

Without a doubt, this is one of the gheyest
things I've seen in a while.

Reality TV = End of Civilized World

I searched Google for some reality tv related images, came across this gem.

Welcome to the real world.

Make sure and check out the rest of Emese Gaal's site, really nice photographs from a technical writer/HTML monkey by day, hobby photographer with nice chops by night.

"...no, not Jurassic Park... thoracic cake

"Your heart is like orange cake with raspberry sauce to me, my sweet..."

A grossly delicious thoracic cavity cake.

I'm sure the reality TV show crowd won't even flinch.

Something Awful - Dragon Warrior Journals

This is a hilarious and and eerily accurate look at the way we should look at the stilted 'chase the rabbit' gameplay of a MMOG/MMPOG.

(snagged from Metafilter)

Friday, July 30, 2004

"I Had An Abortion" T-shirts

Nothing says 'classy' like a fine t-shirt.

I'm sure Rev. Falwell would poop out a watermelon-sized turdburger if he saw someone sporting this lil jobber at a prayer revival.

(snagged the link from this blog)

Trance | Metafilter

Internet Radio - Lockergnome's Tech News Watch

Tech News Program.

A program in the snippet is Tech Watch Radio with Sam Bushman and Jay Harrison. Always witty, always tech, they work really hard to bring on interesting guests, creative commentary and they even take your live calls.

MIB MP-308 In-Car Cigarette Light USB Flash Drive FM Transmitter (Whew!)

Pretty freakin' cool. Beats listening to lame-ass ads on regular radio any day.

Boing Boing: Albinism photos of the 19th century

Let this be a lesson to you.

If you go to a computer gaming convention make sure that you do not have any files that you do not want to become public, on your drive, in a folder that is shared.

Here are some nice pictures I got off of a computer on the network this week.

TV back uuuhhh sultry stand oops pose MyFav pootable loveTV hold me beach balls bed hanz

Mario Mishaps

Boing Boing: Ancient hard-drive, guy in bunny suit

SkateboardDirectory.com: Home

Wow. This is called 'covering a topic thoroughly'.

Something Awful Photoshop Phriday - Phake Games 4

Ok, so I laughed. See y'all in hell. ;)

MSN Encarta - Lists

Lots of interesting trivia to pester your slacker co-workers with.

(snagged from J-Walk)

Google a favorite among hackers, too | CNET News.com

Boing Boing: Penguin Putnam's racketeering domain-name scam

Another fine example of strongarm tactics by big biz on the little guy. I really hope the mainstream media gets ahold of this and rips Penguin books a new asshole.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Amazon.com: Books: Amazing Rain

Amazon.com: Books: Amazing Rain I dig Sam Brown's drawings on his website, lots of fun.

(snagged from kottke)

largehearted boy MP3 blog - Lockergnome's Tech News Watch

J-Walk Blog: ClamperPod

Boing Boing: How to remove MSIE from Windows

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A number of artists clustered together | Metafilter

Lots of neatness here. The graffiti artist Xavi has a really strong, complex style.

Slashdot | Paul Graham On 'Great Hackers'

Interesting read, applies to a lot of fields involving computers besides hacking.

shillPages - Movie Title Screens Page

J-Walk Blog: Stock Photography

local6.com - News - Two Pepper Sprayed Over Phone Call At Fla. Movie


Hahahaaaa, that is so righteous!

Do I feel sorry for the two that got pepper-sprayed? No, b/c it saved them from having to watch 'Catwoman', which is surely a much worse fate.

Here's a tip: Turn off your damn phones in the theater, a-holes.

Techdirt:Today, It's DoubleClick's Turn To Take A Zombie-Induced Rest

First Google, now DoubleClick. I wonder how many big companies are gonna have to get clobbered by DDOS attacks before some starts taking worms and viruses seriously?

Boing Boing: Cthulhoid casemod

Instead of BSOD when it crashes, it will lay waste to your immortal soul.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004


(snagged from anil)

Denny's Beer Barrel Pub - 6 lb. Burger

Holy crap, 9 lbs. total.

For $23.95, here's what you get:

* Two whole tomatoes
* A half-head of lettuce
* 12 slices of American cheese
* A full cup of peppers
* Two entire onions
* Plus, a river a mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard.

If you finish it in under 3 hours, you get it for free. Why you would want to do this is beyond me. I mean, look at the freakin' thing, it's bigger than your head.

Babe Peeing in Urinal
Hot Sisters
Anna Kournikova in a yellow bikini plays crotch peekaboo
Babes of the Goose: adriana lima victorias secret christmas 2004
Snarkybabes Pics: Britney Spears
Keira Knightley photos
Jessica Alba pics!
Chopper babe - Photos of a bikini girl on a motorcycle at Flickr
Yummy! Two Girls Kissing
Team Photo: Sheer Perfection
daedalsobriquet: so last night i saw motley crue
Scary women of bodybuilding
Yamaha causes 'bumpy irritation'? or "Mama, it burns!!!"
Guy tries to launch bottle rocket from clenched buttcheeks
Twenty Underused Yoga Positions
Hot babe + man boobs = best radio stunt evah!
Black guy's ninja skills are both questionable and painfully funny
White boy rappin': Horrible and funny (mp3s available)
Nympho robot takes political action (stinky Flash anim?)
Hippo eats dwarf
What the hell is wrong with people?!?
Wigger Comix!
Japanese chicks slap the taste from each other's mouths!

My new fighting technique is unstoppable!
Prison Survival Guide
God loves... the gays?
Punch yourself in the face!
When celebrities SNAP: Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake battle midget paparazzi!
Biker Fox is ready to come to work!
Stick figure vet loving up on a cow
EA Games management motivational posters
What the hell is wrong with this picture?
Food chain sells 6 lb. hamburger
Spongebob Squarepants pukes!
Who does this baby belong to?
The New Yorker Spins Senate Antics Old Skool

J-Walk Blog: How To Make A Zombie Cake

scrapbookMANIFESTO: Artwork and more

Boing Boing: Daily trashblog

The BBC : Killings by pirates on the rise || kuro5hin.org

Random Wikipedia entry - roll dem bones and learn something new

Better late than never.

I have just become enlightened to Da Ali G show and now wish I had watched the first season on HBO last year. It is the funniest thing I have watched since The Office. The satire runs high, and the comedy is low brow, but it manages to be a riot all the way through. The second season is currently showing on HBO on Sunday nights and has premiered two episodes so far. Make sure you check it out, or it you are uber l337 download it off of bittorrent.


p.s. the special “Before he was Massiv” shows Ali G’s climb to fame in England.

Boing Boing: Elizabot passes sex-chat Turing test

Monday, July 26, 2004

Hell's Kitchen History

Good read , the Capeman Murders, August 1959 link on that page is compelling.

Quick Cuts, Coarse Letters, Multiple Screens: Film Titles by Pablo Ferro

J-Walk Blog: Free Speech Zone (?)

Apple Parody Fuse Ads | Gizmodo.com

deviantART: time of death: very soon by suzi9mm

Gruesome yet classy. Order a print for the serial killer in your life.

Techdirt:Trading Talents Instead Of Cash

Rural Appalachia still needs a... | Metafilter

Squeal like a pig, boy! Is that a banjo I hear?

J-Walk Blog: Time Travel Tales

Sunday, July 25, 2004

kuro5hin.org || Comments || The Language Police

kuro5hin.org || Comments || The Language Police:


Wow. Pretty fiesty talk, dude.

LOL mmmm..... entrail sausages.. mmm...

A Brief Look At Professional Gaming || kuro5hin.org

A decent article, my only problem is that we don't find out what happened to his friend (the pro gamer).

C'mon, how about a little resolution here, you pique our interest with some supsense about his friend 'falling apart'.

What happens to him?

Big brains, crap design skills. | Metafilter

Hahahaa, wow, I love the comments, people will player hate all comers.

Here is a posted comment on this topic that made me chuckle:

If they're so goddamn smart, how come they're using frames and Comic Sans?
posted by neckro23 at 7:52 PM PST on July 24

U.S. Congress attempts to nullify doctrine of judicial review || kuro5hin.org

Boing Boing: Wicked-ass trailer for Thai kickboxing film "Ong Bak"

Saturday, July 24, 2004

When a ball dreams, it dreams it's a frisbee | Metafilter

Lawrence Lessig Declares Shennanigans on Bill O'Reilly

Good for you for calling bullshit flag on O'Reilly's non-stop bullying/lying fiesta.

If the Republican Party had any sense, they would distance themselves from Bill O'Reilly like he was a stack of Abu Gharib torture pictures with a sticky-note attached saying 'Hawt pics, I luv 'em! Sincerely, George Bush'.

(snagged from Boing Boing)

Slashdot | History Of Doom Movie Debuts

Illustrator for Windows | Metafilter

Friday, July 23, 2004

Slickball Online Demo

Gish: Game with a Black Heart

goats: the store for all your t-shirt needs


Blender Interview with Robert Smith of The Cure

Painting in Photoshop - a 29 page tutorial posted @ deviantArt

deviantART: Painting in PS - The Basics by *nykolai

The 29 page tutorial can be downloaded, or viewed in HTML here.

MP3 creator returns with 3D sound | CNET News.com

Thursday, July 22, 2004


Tombstone Generator

(Here's a larger version)

Look What I Made...

(snagged from Presurfer)

Plotinus | Metafilter

Internet Week > Google Gmail > Gmail Walks Off With Rivals' Contacts > July 21, 2004

Making the USB Gundam and a Tangent Thrown in to Boot

Computers are spreading into our culture in a cool way.

Right, that Gundam USB modding is pretty kewl, but that made me think of something else (here's the tangent). Every month smaller, more complex computer parts and their constructs (cell phones, flash drives, USB, wi-fi, hard drives, processors, etc.) drift further into the mainstream.

Which will invisibly pull the Internet along with it. More connectivity means more people on the web, and positive feedback loop that is The Internet will continue to grow as a collective.

Is it too soon to say that America's service economy has become so intwined with the online world, that they are so enmeshed as to be fatally inseperable?

Is it too soon to say that the global economy is going to be surrounded by an Internet economy, and that outgrowth of human knowledge will spread to poorer and poorer countries? Which in turn will be a great opportunity for all of the rural areas surrounding the larger, more technically advanced societies?

The Internet has already begun to remake our world.

I would think it's not too soon to say that. Technology is pretty damn awesome.

qwantz.com - daily dinosaur comics - July 21st 2004

Corrupted? Managable!

(Thanks for the link, Rena!)

Boing Boing: Bipedal Dog

Boing Boing: Bipedal Dog Site is currently past alloted bandwith, but hopefully will be back up soon so I can watch a 2 legged dog walk around.

Boing Boing: 'A Softer World' online comics

Here's the whole comic for the pic above...)

My rebuttal for their pic for this week is "Yeah, but robot sex partners might give you teh Bagle virus..."


Somebody has a little secret...

What are the differences between these 2 photos?

cyrkam airt�

Find that special redneck in your life a gift on Ebay

FrogPad aims to cut keyboard size | CNET News.com

charles statman

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Boing Boing: Bipedal monkey

Superman of Rock!

This is what alcohol and inbreeding will do for you.

Feed Me!

Magnetoids - Buy Online at Fat Brain Toys

Boing Boing: Crazy tiled animated GIF of stickfigure acrobats

Fair and Balanced...

Slashdot | Using Plants as Speakers

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Tiny Leaps Productions

Brother, Can You Spare A Job?

Another animated political ad against George Bush submitted to MoveOn.org.

Dogs Barking at Night Make Me Hulk Out

Here is an IM conversation with a friend at work about me going off on a neighbor last night about their damn yappy dog (mind you, I love dogs, it's their owners that can be jackasses).

What was Google Like in the 60's?

Imation Adds 1GB Swivel Flash Drive

nbc13.com - News - Mystery Creature Lurks In Central Maryland

It's either a fox with mange, or a terrorist, or a mangy terrorist.

Monday, July 19, 2004

He's wishing for an Oscar Mayer weiner...


Fun Nixon Era Campaign Poster

The New Yorker: Shouts and Murmurs

The New Yorker Spins Senate Antics Old Skool

Edward M. Kennedy (D.-Mass.) was the first to notice that the two men were circling each other, Mr. Cheney brandishing a switchblade and Mr. Leahy the jagged neck of a broken bottle.

“Oh, snap!” Mr. Kennedy recalls thinking at the time. “It’s getting kind of hectic up in this piece.”

(snagged from kottke)

Google Fun

1) Go to Google.

2) Type in "weapons of mass destruction" but don't hit the enter

3) Instead, hit the "I'm feeling lucky" button next to the normal
Google "Search" button.

4) An "ERROR MESSAGE" appears. READ THE ERROR MESSAGE CAREFULLY. Read the WHOLE error message.

Hahahaha I [heart] teh N3t.

Coming Soon from Vitrelecix!!

Peasant's Quest Trailer!

More hot burnination action from the homestarrunner guys. :)

Tracheotomy Cannon

Boing Boing: New tunes from former Afghan Whigs bassist

Kiss has nothing on these folks.

Halloween is still cool. It does no matter if you are a 40 year old carpenter you can still rock out. It does make it hard to tell who is a cross dresser and who is not.

(snagged from MetaFilter)

Sunday, July 18, 2004

tourists in our own life

Mountain Biking: Senor Pain Jumps...

...out of the frickin' forest and chucks me ass over shoulders down a steep trail this morning... Maybe it was a half gainer, shit, I had about a quarter of a second to analyze the situation).

OK, you'd think I would have learned something from the event on Saturday, right?


Honor That Special Gal in Your Life with a... Vulva Puppet?

Georgia O'Keefe would have heartily approved. These beavers are hand-stuffed, each and every one. I looked at the site , then started LOL'ing when the theme song to 'The Muppet Show' popped into meh head.

(snagged from Diversionz)

Kick It Old Skool w/ Press Your Luck (flash req.)

Nothing But Star Wars - Lockergnome's Tech News Watch


I'll Scratch Your Face, You Cad! Hiss!

Photos found during P2P searches

The Atlantic | December 2002 | Bobby Fischer's Pathetic Endgame | Chun

Slashdot | Doom 3 Web Site Now Operational

Warhol Smiles from His Grave...

1) Man Paints Giant Google Page

2) Google Buys It

3) ???

4) Profit!!!

(snagged from Kottke)

Monday's iPod Revealed

Fiction: The Orange, by Benjamin Rosenbaum

A Short Story

(snagged from Boing Boing)

Saturday, July 17, 2004

deviantART: where ART meets application!

Lots of cool wallpapers and such available. I dig this site, there is an wide variety of work people in the Netosphere make available daily, some good, some great.

Boing Boing: Granular eruptions

The Dangers of Mountain Biking

I had an action-packed morning. Got up early, packed my bike up and went out to the trails at Lake Grapevine in the DFW area. I was riding along, and came to a rocky dropoff on the trail about a mile or so in, and a guy (probably mid to late 40's) was sitting off to the side of the trail at the bottom of the dropoff, his bike just laying in the trail at the base.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Winnebago Man

Holy crap, I thought this dude was FOR SURE gonna stroke out. It's a little long, but wow, how freakin' frustrated can one person get? :>

(snagged from Bacon and Eh's)

This is what happens when u snark images from other's Ebay auctions...

lol, someone's product 'ended' up getting a free 'plug'. Get it? (follow link and scroll down for fun images, mebbe NSFW if yer boss is a real 'ass')

(snagged from A Welsh View)

Techdirt:It Ain't Easy To Create The Next EverCrack

The Complete Guide to Isometric Pixel Art

The Complete Guide to Isometric Pixel Art I will make lil isometric tags of dirty words, hee hee heeeee.....

Don’t let the fact that your Mom and Dad were brother and sister hold you back.

Parade Kid is out to prove that inbreeding may be socially unacceptable, but it should not limit your roll in society. He has a surprise for you and is a handsome devil if I don’t say so myself. The elf ears really make his outfit don’t you think?

His music video will make you want to kill yourself.

Boing Boing: I, Robot movie release sparks renewed interest in Asimov's 3 laws

I declare Fridays... Midget Day!

Homestarrunner Alert. Video of 'Exp. Film' by They Might Be Giants

So a guy walks up to an ATM... Man, I love homestarrunner.com, the flash cartoons are pretty bizzare and funny stuff, lots of wack-foolery.

Middle-Earth MadLib 8 ::: The Barrow-Downs

Here's my stab at it, try your own!: "MadLib #7
23 September 2000

Sam sees a ????

To his astonishment and terror, and lasting delight, Sam saw a large shape crash out the trees and come careening down the slope. large as a stoplight, much larger than a stoplight, it looked to him, a blue-clad moving hairdresser. Fear and wonder, maybe, enlarged him in the hobbit's eye, but the sperm whale of Harad was indeed a beast of large bulk, and the likes of him does not walk now in Middle-Earth; his kin that live still in latter days are but memories of his girth and majesty. On he came, straight towards the watchers, and then swerved aside in the nick of time, passing only a few yards away, rocking the ground beneath their feet: his large legs like trees, enormous sail-like fingers spread out, long weenie upraised like a large feltch monkey about to strike, his small red eyes raging. His upturned butthole were bound with bands of brown and dripped with blood. His trappings of commie pink and brown flapped about him in wild tatters. The ruins of what seemed a very post office lay up his heaving back, smashed in his furious passage through the woods; and high upon his taint still desperately clung a small figure - the body of a small ferret, a giant among ferrets. "

(thanks for the link, Gargulio!)

MSNBC - Bobby Fischer detained in Japan

Pwnd!!1 Good job, we can all rest easier knowing this mental terrorist is in custody now. : In other news, any word on catching this dude yet?

Boing Boing: BitTorrent search engine

Real Life Comics

Found this while dancing around in Google-land. Damn clones are too smart for their own good.

Thursday, July 15, 2004


Launch All Zig, Fool! Remember, you heard it here first (well... second, b/c i snagged this shiny object from Presurfer). Print this mess out, and get ready for some hot nuke excitement!

[ Half Life 2: Counter Strike - E3 2K4 Cam ]

[ Half Life 2: Counter Strike - E3 2K4 Cam ] Man, the physics and the detail for this newest bake of CS = teh kewl.

Preach needs something like this like Saddam needs extra head ventilation

Wal-Mart DVD Rentals - Lockergnome's Tech News Watch

Wal-Mart DVD Rentals - Lockergnome's Tech News Watch Watch out, Netflix, competition is on the way.


My god....Spock..what is...it?

more lil gems spoofing other shows:


Ghey + Ghey = Married.

HotAbercrombieChick shows that not only is she an incredble slave to fashion, but that she also has some opinions and what not.

Myself, I was entierly too distrackted by the Photo Album to really get the gist of what she was saying, but I do not feel my time was wasted.


I'm a Gemini, and let me tell you how spooky the accuracy of this is, plz comfort me, meesa crying in phear of teh Satanic stuff.

Gemini, you're the kind of sign that haphazardly throws together its future over a game of strip Trivial Pursuit and a pitcher of grape Kool-Aid and Everclear. So it seems appropriate that you took up shoplifting at the local A & P. And because you let the stock boy feel your nether regions, the whole of the store gives you the blind eye. Well, things will change when the new district manager figures out where all the missing T-bones have gone. And then you'd better watch out!"


Reading Rainbow was a good idea, but this is ridiculous

Send your books (or rather book) to this guy and rest assured that you have helped a serial killer with his hobbie.

How the mighty have fallen.

In these uncertain times even heroes of the past have taken a turn for the worse.

I was at least glad to see that Mr. Reeves was walking again, but I swear it looks like he is standing on the corner ready to turn his next trick.

The Usual Suspects.

I am not sure if you know this or not but FOX has a news station. I know, I am as shocked as you are.

View a Murder’s row line up of their hired guns and the crimes they have been charged with.

I think I have seen some of those guys before

eBay: Animatronic Musicians

Speaking of furries...

Lindsay Lohan's Nipp... Sidekick Found

I thought it was that whorebag Britney at first, but it turns out to be some kind of racoon-woman, my bad. (Furries rejoice!)

MonkeyMan and I breathe a sigh of relief.

Gay Marriage does not get banned. I mean, it is not like me and MonkeyMan want to get married, but we like having or options open…you know…should we suddenly become gay .

(snagged from Wonkette )

To phat to run? To young to die? To stupid to live?

In breaking news. Vice President Cheney is Fat

(snagged from Metafilter)

If you would like to take the time to register for The Washington Post or The New York times you can read the fat guys rebuttle.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


At first, I thought they were talking about a Hispanic gangbanger or something. Then I got happy and figured it out, holy crapholes I'm a smart cookie.

(snagged from Metafilter)

McSweeney's Internet Tendency: Playlists on Dick Cheney's iPod.

Cheney wasn't sure at first what an iPod was, but I told him it was like a pacemaker for his brain. Boy, he sure was pissed when I told him that the battery might bite the dust after 18 months. I ended up telling that old bastard to 'calm the hell down, they got that shit all fixed now, the bad press made them piss themselves'. Geez, our VP is really uptight. Hope he doesn't send Steve Jobs to Gitmo.

(snagged from Kottke)

Bushisms - Adventures in George W. Bushspeak - Updated Frequently

So many of these make me laugh, but this one reminded me of the chastisement of our government by a retiring Marine Colonel for not taking better care of our troops.

"I want to remind you all that in order to fight and win the war, it requires an expenditure of money that is commiserate with keeping a promise to our troops to make sure that they're well-paid, well-trained, well-equipped." —George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., Dec. 15, 2003

(snagged from Linkfilter)

Marmalade? Metallica? Coincidence? I Think Not!

Holy creeping mandrakes, I think Lars Ulrich (exhibit A)is a time traveller (exhibit B). I wonder if Marmalade wrote any songs that decried ripping off albums, boo hoo.

So Why Do We Do It? (Farewell to the Corps: Col Wayne Shaw, USMC)

No levity in this farewell speech from a Devil Dog after 28 years in the Corps. I can't agree with him more. Congresscritters and the Pentagon should take heed.

Nothing like taking your self seriously...

Daily protestwarrior fun!

Operation Wolverine is in full force over at protestwarrior. They have a really cool video to watch to get you amped up before going out and fight the "sick" agenda of the left. In retaliation the left will be launching some tactical nuclear strikes and holding a series of hot-gay-sex-a-thons at local grade schools.

Virtual Crack Rock(tm)

Beam me up to the Mothership! Or to paraphrase Chris (crack) Rock in New Jack City: "Is that skim milk in dem tiddies?" For the crack whore in your life, send them a pic that will make them drool, shake, and sprint off to sell plasma for a fix.

(snagged from Presurfer)

Breaking Windows .: Fun with Google Searches

More reasons to love and phear the power of the Google. Whoo-hoo! a treasure trove of MP3 goodness!

(snagged from Diversionz)

Git ur fix of daily adorability

Who doesn't like them some cute fuzzies? (except for that jerk who drop kicked a dog a while back, what an a-hole...)

Piggybacking Cute into Kewl

My Lil Borg Pony Resistance is Cute-ile.

(snagged from Presurfer)

Tuesday, July 13, 2004


HULK SMASH!!!: "Sunday, July 04, 2004
Hulk saw movie about bug-man and it was good but needed more smashing.


Is Fabulous President George W. Bush a Fabulous Homosexual? Baptists Are Saving Homosexuals asks what conservative Christians demand to know

Worm sleeps to avoid detection | CNET News.com

Worm sleeps to avoid detection | CNET News.com

Just give the worm a warm glass of milk and read it a soothing bedtime story.

Daily protestwarrior fun!

Daily protestwarrior fun!

REPUBLICAN_HERO thinks it is funny that homosexuals are requesting a divorce so soon after getting the right to marry and would like to point out to everyone that along with spears homosexuals have no reverence for marriage . Over generalization and gay hate or just one smart dood? You be the judge.

Monday, July 12, 2004

American Segue :: America at 10 MPH

American Segue :: America at 10 MPH

OK, The first image that popped in my head was of this. at first, then I thought, "I bet the documentary of riding across America at 10 mph might be interesting if the footage is compelling enough to edit..." The Segway is tenaciously re-inventing it's 15 minutes of fame. But then I do another GIS for Segway, and I laugh until my eyes squirt sweet, precious tears, oh yes.

(Via kottke)

Study: Online-gaming revenue to skyrocket | CNET News.com

Study: Online-gaming revenue to skyrocket | CNET News.com

Funny, I just read recently that the big cheese at Nintendo doesn't think 'customers want online games'.

(Via techdirt)


The Onion | Coalition: Vast Majority Of Iraqis Still Alive

The Onion | Coalition: Vast Majority Of Iraqis Still Alive

The Onion is great, I love the pics and pie chart with this article.

(Via Kottke)

God Rocks! (Harpers.org)

God Rocks! (Harpers.org)

LOL. here is a snippet from the start of the article to whet your intellect:

Posted on Thursday, July 1, 2004. The following was culled from articles in Grand Canyon: a Different View, edited by Tom Vail and published by Master Books last year. Last summer the National Park Service approved the book, which presents a creationist view of the formation of the Grand Canyon, for sale in park bookstores and gift shops. In July three bronze plaques bearing biblical verses were reinstated to public viewing areas on the Canyon’s South Rim, despite advice from the Interior Department that such religious displays violate the First Amendment. Last fall the National Park Service blocked the publication of a memo for park rangers noting that creationism lacked any scientific basis. Originally from Harper's Magazine, April 2004.

(Via Kottke)

Driving Ms. Dodgeball

Driving Ms. Dodgeball

Man, there is nothing as sweet as the hollow 'doink' sound of a dodgeball bouncing off of someone's melon. I have got to see if there is a league around here, now that I've had Lasik surgery, I can see my target better. And who can't fondly look back on the days of playing kickball?

(Via Davenetics)

Another game I was addicted do growing up was called wall ball. (I think we actually called it 'slaughterball') All you need is a tennis ball, a brick wall, and several friends that likes to put the hurt on each other.

Boing Boing: Robert Yager's gang photos

Boing Boing: Robert Yager's gang photos

To do list: Don't mess with gangbangers today.

(Via boingboing)

Important breaking news!

Will Wheaton's new book is out.

I like the title, Just a Geek. Self deprecating is the new ego trip.

Ok. It was not that important, but we may be seeing the blossoming of a a revolution in literature here!

Don't be like Cecil Chode, Get Your Baldwin on!


Man, the Internet is so much more entertaining than TV. (The free pr0n is nice, too.)

N.H. proposal would tax chat rooms

How are they going to tax a chatroom? Here is a snippet:

The change would add voice mail, chat rooms, Web mail and instant messaging to a list of services subject to the tax. The current list includes fee-based services ranging from unpublished telephone numbers to dial-a-prayer services.

Carol Miller, president of the New Hampshire Internet Service Providers Association, said the rule would force Internet providers to somehow break out those services from the basic Internet connection. She said that would be a huge burden to providers.

Thanks for trying to increase the burden on people, NH govt. Like we aren't getting the shiat taxed outta us around every corner as it is.

Top 100 dominated by hot chicks. Anyone surprised?


Looking at the top 100 blogs on technorati We see that the latest edition of the list has 6 blogs from Suicidegirls . Not sure if this is a good thing or I should get out my sandwich board that has "the end is drawing nigh" on both sides.

Yahoo! News - U.S. Mulling How to Delay Nov. Vote in Case of Attack

You too can hide your faith and be cool!

Looking for the latest thing in fiath? The Bible as a magazine is the latest and greatest way to go undercover and still maintain the faith by fooling people into thinking that you are reading the latest edition of Cosmo or Hit Parader instead of some lame holy book.

When people say intelligent things. We post’em!

Death2Islam, a user over at protestwarrior wants to know “why 99% of Leftist look like freaks?” and honestly that is a good question. Come on Leftist, clean up your act and start dressing better and take all the metal out of your face and stop with the tattoos already. His conclusion that this is why all Leftist leaders are so angry is not only thought provoking, but funny.

Fair and balanced!

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Hard hitting Journalism?

The shns news site is saying that there are so many terrorist that if they all go out and buy tickets to see the Michael Moore film it will cause it to become a block buster in the middle east too!

WTF? They are saying that Hezbollah so dominates the Middle East that they will fill the theaters to see this movie. Does anyone actually believe this?


Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The internet is great for meeting like minded people.

The “right” minded website Postwarrior is filled with an unending supply of hilarity and pseudo-intellectualism from both the right and the left. I think that I will begin an ongoing cut and paste effort in order to highlight some of the better entries.

Here is an example:

Under the Enemy subsection user Old Fart says the flowing about Michael Moore:

An old story of a flute player who could charm the masses with his songs.
That's Moore! The vast ignorant and the agenda driven puppet masters, are dancing toward the cliffs of Leftist Idealism. Thats exactly where Moore want's them! He doesn't have an agenda, he has a PRICE!

Looking past the fact that he is unable to construct full sentences you really do see that he has nothing substantive to say and I quite like that.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Can blogs compete?

What better way to open up a blog than with a discussion of blogs?

The Economist has an interesting article up on the future on the blog and its role vs. mainstream media.

The Guardian also has some interesting stuff to say about blogging and journalism.

My own opinion is that bloggerrs will over estimate themselves and their importance and relevance and that in turn the traditional journalists will underestimate the blogging community and the potential for a “different” brand of journalism.

I do not believe that the mainstream media will use blogs as anything other than a way to augment their cash flow and that bloggers will have a hard time doing much true journalism.

I do see huge potential as blogs being a very good way to editorialize, but in the end that may be it.

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