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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The internet is great for meeting like minded people.

The “right” minded website Postwarrior is filled with an unending supply of hilarity and pseudo-intellectualism from both the right and the left. I think that I will begin an ongoing cut and paste effort in order to highlight some of the better entries.

Here is an example:

Under the Enemy subsection user Old Fart says the flowing about Michael Moore:

An old story of a flute player who could charm the masses with his songs.
That's Moore! The vast ignorant and the agenda driven puppet masters, are dancing toward the cliffs of Leftist Idealism. Thats exactly where Moore want's them! He doesn't have an agenda, he has a PRICE!

Looking past the fact that he is unable to construct full sentences you really do see that he has nothing substantive to say and I quite like that.


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