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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Police: Moms Charged After Kids Taken To Bars

Two different mothers in Central Florida were arrested early Tuesday on child abuse charges after taking their young children to bars, authorities in Seminole County and Leesburg told Local 6 News.

Police said the first woman was arrested and charged with child neglect early Tuesday after she allegedly took her 4-month-old into a in Leesburg, Fla., bar and was later found passed out in a hot car with the infant.

Leesburg police received a complaint from the Shamrock bar at 11:45 Monday night of a woman taking an infant into the business and then falling asleep in her car with the baby.

Witnesses said they were worried that the child may be in danger in the woman's locked car without air conditioning and with the windows rolled up.

When police arrived, a group of bar patrons led officers to a car with Holly Bacon (pictured, right) and an infant inside. The temperature inside Bacon's car was 80 degrees, police said.


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