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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Carmella Decesare - Playboy Playmate 2004 (SWF, link to NSFW)

NSFW pics at link.

(Playboy interview below)

Working Girl: "I studied business administration in college, and now I work for a title agency. Everyone in my office knows I'm Playmate of the Year, and they're so excited for me!"

Kicking Butt: "I have my yellow belt in hapkido, and I'd really like to dedicate myself to it. It gives you a lot of energy and discipline. Any stress you have in your life leaves when you leave that room. I'd like to get a black belt someday."

To-Do List: "I'd like to travel overseas and see more of this world. The other day I decided I want to go to Paris! I've never been there. The parties, the romance...it all sounds wonderful."

Sexiest Man Alive: "[Sex and the City's] Jason Lewis. Jason, if you need a date, call me!"

Favorite Celeb: "Angelina Jolie. She's got a great attitude and total sex appeal."

In My CD Player: "Going-out music! I like Janet Jackson, R. Kelly, 50 Cent -- anything with a good beat."

At the Bar: "I always order Grey Goose and cranberry."

Little Indulgences: "White wine and filet mignon. Yum."

Puppy Love: "I have a five-month-old chocolate Lab named Logan. He's super cute, but he eats all the pillows on my bed!"

Funny Girl: "I love movies, especially comedies. Old School is one of my all-time favorites -- Will Ferrell's hysterical, and so is Vince Vaughn."

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