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Monday, October 17, 2005

Moonshining 'still' big business in '05. You're soaking in it.

"With moonshine prices fluctuating between $20 and $40 a gallon, depending on its availability, the operation was capable of producing from $20,000 to $40,000 a week, he said.

No new evidence in the case has come to light, Calhoun said. But, he added, given the size of the uncovered still, it might have been part of a larger operation that transported illegal whiskey north.

'Any time you see an operation that size, the liquor is going to be shipped out of here,' he said. 'The majority of the liquor made in this area is shipped as far north as Philadelphia and Ohio and cities in between.'

Such an operation usually involves an organization of whiskey-runners, including a distillery owner, still hands and individuals to truck the moonshine to its destination, said Calhoun.

Once there, he said the whiskey is sold out of 'shot houses' or 'nip joints,' illicit bars often run out of individuals' homes, as well as legitimate bars that sell the moonshine on request." (more) WorldNetDaily: Moonshining 'still' big business in '05


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