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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Wild Rose Tattoo Shirts - Authentic Tattoo Clothing, Custom Made Shirts with Tattoos that fit like a second skin, Fake Tattoos, Illusion of Tattoos, T

Will people with real tattoos laugh at you for wearing it? Maybe.

Available at last ! Wild Rose Tattoo Shirts is authentic tattoo clothing created to help you celebrate art and body daily. At Wild Rose Tattoo Shirts we offer you sexy tattoo mesh sleeves and mesh body wear with attitude designed to fit into your lives and become one with you.

Wild Rose Tattoo Shirts
are designed to give the illusion of having real tattoos and only Wild Rose Tattoo Shirts and Body Wear feature a choice of three different colors of mesh to closely match each persons skin tone.

Wild Rose Tattoo Shirts feature original artwork designed by real tattoo artists and Wild Rose shirts are designed with full sleeve and full body tattoo art created by talented tattoo artists from around the world.

Here in our Vancouver BC studio both designer and artist collaborate to bring you authentic tattoo body wear that is functional, versatile, long lasting and high quality. Wild Rose Tattoo Shirts are proudly hand crafted in Canada and every time you buy one of these collectible pieces you are assisting in furthering the people who work to make our world a more beautiful place.

At Wild Rose Tattoo Shirts we also do custom designs, sizes and orders. If you cannot find your size contact us at info@wildrosetattooshirts.com.

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