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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Man robbed on sidewalk - of $2 and McDonald's breakfast

(August 16, 2005) — Rochester police say they are looking for four men who robbed a man, possibly at gunpoint, of $2 and his breakfast meal after he walked out of a McDonald's Family Restaurant on Averill Avenue this morning.

Police said the victim, a 29-year-old Rochester man, noticed four men in a car parked at the drive-up window at the McDonald's at the corner of Averill and Monroe avenues just before he walked into the restaurant to buy his breakfast-to-go shortly before 6 a.m.

He allegedly told police he was walking on Averill when he was approached by a teenager, who put something to the back of his head. Investigator Joseph Dominick said the teenager put his hand in the man's pocket and took out $2 in cash. He also took the victim's breakfast before getting into a small four-door car – that the victim thought he saw at the McDonald's.

The case is under investigation.


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