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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Serial killer worked out to prepare for slayings (BTK killer)

What a cruel bastard. He'll get what's coming to him once he goes to prison...

"WICHITA, Kansas (Reuters) - Confessed Kansas serial killer Dennis Rader worked out to build up his strength because he found killing people physically hard, law enforcement agents told his sentencing hearing on Wednesday.

The 60-year-old Rader, who called himself BTK, for 'bind, torture and kill,' showed little emotion on the first day of the hearing.

But relatives of those he killed sobbed and hung their heads as they listened to how Rader stalked and slowly killed his victims, largely for sexual gratification, in a 17-year murder spree.

The testimony included photos of many of the bodies.

The agents told the courtroom that shortly after his arrest last February Rader confessed to 10 murders, telling them that in one killing Rader used toys to try to distract three small children as he bound and strangled their mother.

In another he pulled a chair next to a bed so he could relax while 9-year-old boy suffocated in the plastic bag Rader wrapped around his head. And in yet another, he took his victim to a church at night where he photographed her in various sexually explicit ways.

Rader had told law enforcement agents that he found killing people was harder work than he had expected so, as he continued killing, he worked out to improve his strength."
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