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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


By Lt. Avery & P. Anderson CoIII

Life in a Texas penal institution is quite different than most people would think. The average person, having had no experience with prisons, appears to think that the inmates housed there lead a dull boring life. They believe inmates just sit in their cells 24 hours a day waiting for the day they will get out. This is very far from the truth. Life in a correctional institution is definitely different from life as a free citizen in several aspects, but it's like a small community. Each person has a job that is an integral part of the operation of that society. Some inmates make clothes, some cook food, some farm, etc. It is the cumulative efforts of each of these jobs that teaches the inmates the importance of their roles in a free society.

Unfortunately, as in any society, and considering the fact that the people living in this one have been rejected from ours, several other activities occur. Most of these activities involve homosexual acts, drug abuse, racial conflict, and blatant disregard for the welfare of others. The recent advent of prison gangs, and the infiltration of street gangs has also had a great deal of influence on this society, that is if you would still consider it a society. Since this is a community and so different from our own, the inhabitants have developed a separate (Slang) language over the years that somewhat accurately depicts the immoral values of its residence.

BONE: A term often used by inmates meaning to be the dominant partner (male role) in the performance of sodomy.

BURNED: When an inmate has caused another to see his penis either by accident or on purpose, you are said to have been burned.

DAG: The performance of anal sex between two homosexual inmates.

DEAD: (killed); When an inmate has masturbated while looking at another, the person that has been masturbated on is said to be dead.

FLIP FLOP: When two homosexual inmates take turns playing the male or female roles.

GOT IT: (stuff); If an inmate "has it" he is a homosexual, meaning that he has "Got that stuff." stuff being a female organ.

B> (stuff); If an inmate is packin' stuff, this is a homosexual.

Lots of hot gay sex going on in the pen.- preach



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