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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A gadget bag is the new man purse

Ah yes, the fanny pack -- a small bag with a zipper that fastens around one's waist with an elastic band. It's small enough not to restrict motion, yet large enough to stow one's essential valuables. Men at one time had their own socially acceptable purse, a man purse, if you will.

Well, the fanny pack turned out to be a fad. And for a decade now, men have been left to search for the ultimate purse to carry cell phones, money, keys, PDA's and portable music devices. Is there a sequel out there? In today's fast pace, fast-food world, there is a greater need to lug around essentials and gadgets than back in the early 90s.

But today's men are paving a new road for a briefcase-less world. The solution to mens' bulging pockets may lie with gadget bags, totes and iPod hoisters.

Men like Mark Barnes, pictured here, are not afraid to carry around what people ignorantly refer to as "man purses."--



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