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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Reef Condominium

Woody gets caught on the shitter thanks to Rashad. Woody thought that he locked the door but he never actually did because Rashad was holding the door handle. After couple of minutes, the door was pushed open and a picture was taken.

An hour later, this happened when Woody and Stephen puked in the toilet because they drank too much alcohol and took way too many jello shots. The toilet starts to back up and floods the bathroom floor.

With no plunger around, Crazy (Drunk) Mero decides that the only way to unclog the toilet and stop the flooding was to use his hand. He rolled up his sleeve and plunged his arm in the puke and toilet water filled bowl. Working his hand down the small hole, he tried to remove the debris that's clogging the toilet. 10 minutes into the disgusting ordeal, he managed to get it to flush down a little bit enough to clear the toilet of puke. The toilet ends up clogging again and he finally gave up his insane, disgusting efforts of fixing the problem.



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