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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


y Steve Johnson
Contributing Writer, RealTechNews

“You dump it, you haul it”

That’s how I’d describe the “Poopsadaisy™“. Clever Pet Products, LLC, the manufacturer, has a slightly different saying:

“Let your dog carry the load.”

Not bad. But I like mine better.

Anyways, the Poopsadaisy is a bag that straps to your dog’s neck giving you a place to store its poop while out for a walk. When “Buddy” decides to take a dump, you pick it up with a plastic “doggie bag”, tie it off, and store it in the Poopsadaisy.

Think of it as a “colostomy bag” for dogs.
Source: DoggieNews.com

Alice Adds: Poor Fido. First he has to haul you around in the Dog-Powered Scooter, and now he has to carry his own droppings while he runs you all over town.--



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