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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Another Funny Internet Teen Sex Hoax: Wish this was true and I was 19

Beware the teenage girl at the drugstore counter holding a fistful of cosmetics: She just might be the nymphomaniacal, self-esteem-challenged hostess of a rainbow party, those now-infamous group gatherings in which girls, each wearing a different shade of lipstick, give guys blowjobs, leaving a multicolored party favor on their respective penises. Oprah Winfrey introduced the concept to uninitiated adults on an episode that also defined "hoovering," "booty calls" and "salad tossing." On another special designed to enlighten clueless parents, Katie Couric proclaimed that "for several years, we've been hearing mind-bending stories of rampant oral sex among teens. "
Now there's Paul Ruditis' young-adult novel Rainbow Party, a self-described "cautionary tale." Judging from the reviews on Amazon.com, scores of parents seem to agree with "Sane" from Spokane, Washington, who wrote, "A parent who buys this for a child should be jailed." Then there's the dad who says he doesn't want his two sons "giving or getting oral sex when they're teenagers. Or ever, for that matter." --


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