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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Funny Internet Teen Sex Hoax

I started a thread on SA that asked about an article that I had just read about Rainbow Parties, honestly I was curious to find out if there really was something like this out there. I soon found out that most people thought it to be a hoax, and I also found out some people had participated in things like this.

This thread started me thinking about the possibilities of creating a new rumor to spread over the web. SA goons are some of the smartest and most tecnically skilled people that I have ever met online as to date. So, when norris suggested:

"We say that teens have created a code and if you notice your son or daughter asking you to buy them green clothing or buying it themselves they are looking for a sex partner! Millions of american teens with moms who watch 60 minutes will be tormented for having green as their favorite color."

I just couldn't help but notice the response that this generated. So I started a new thread saying that we were going to try to organize this thing.

What is greenlighting?
Greenlighting is when a male or female (often bisexual) will wear a green shirt, either polo or otherwise, and "pop" or pull their collar up. This marks them as being ready for sex with anyone who chooses them, be it male or female, they are "collared" when someone approaches them and pulls their collar down. This leads to sexual intercourse in most cases or sodomy when both partners are male. The trend is thought to have started in the gay community but quickly spread throught out 2004, with more communities meeting up in real life, and sharing stories online, the term can also be found online on the "Urban Dictionary". Many women who "collar" males see it as a chance for no strings attached sex whilst guys enjoy it for obvious reasons, in gay circles it is seen as a way of openly showing your true feelings. green Lighting shows that you are open to anything and many worry that this may lead to horrific abuse, and whilst this has yet to occur it may only be a matter of time.

What is collaring?
Collaring is the actual act of going up to a green lighter lowering his collar, which signals you are ready for sex, and then going on to engage in sexual acts with him/her.

What is redlighting?
Added by halcyon: I and a lot of other GLers have begun to call people that reject being collared "redlighting". (If you see it on the board, you'll know what it is.)

Do I have to be bisexual?
Not necessarily, if you strictly enjoy sexual intercourse with the opposite sex you may choose to turn down any attempts to pop your collar down by members of the same sex. This practice however, is somewhat discouraged. Therefore, do so at your own discretion. However, at some locations the trend has been strictly either homosexual, or heterosexual. It would be a good idea to see if there is a greenlighting scene in your local area first and find out what its general sexual orientation is.

How do I get started?
Just simply buy a green polo shirt, pop your collar, and simply wait! Some greenlighters prefer to use button-down shirts or other shirts that fit their fancy but as long as it has a collar that can be popped, it is suitable for greenlighting.

What if I don't like the person attempting to collar me?
Again, the same applies as above. greenlighting signals you are ready to have sex with anyone at any time and it is generally discouraged to turn down a person popping your collar down.

What do I do after I get collared?
Simply go into a secluded place and begin the act you wish to engage in. It is normally practice to move on and never see the person again as this practice is generally for those who want to engage in promiscuous anonymous sex. However, if you enjoy sex with that person enough it may be possible to arrange further meetings in order to engage in repeated acts of sexual intercourse. --


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