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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Snarky loves Legos: Lego Bin Laden and Lego Turing Machine

The Worlds Greatest Hide and Seek Player Of All Time can now be yours!

Play hide and seek with the hide and seek legend.
Hide Lego Bin Laden, under a cup, behind a lawn gnome, in an ice cube tray, in your hair, anywhere. Is that Lego Bin Laden in your underwear or are you just happy to see me?

"Mommy i can't find Lego Bin Laden anywhere"
"Well son, neither could president Bush, but that doesnt mean you cant look for someone else. Or you could just take all of your army men out of your room and put them in the basement for a few years."

Have a family fun night. Hide Lego Bin Laden on the kids and post wanted signs around the house. "Who ever finds Bin tonight gets the last piece of chocolate cake."

Lego Bin Laden is hours of fun.
If your into Lego Star Wars figures, send bounty hunter Boba Fett out after your Laden. And when he is found, blast his lego ass.

Searching for americas most wanted has never been so much fun!

Lego Turing Machine:

I- Principles of a Turing machine.

In its simplest form, a Turing machine is composed of a "tape", a ribbon of paper of indefinite length. There is a "head" that can read the symbol, chose to write a new symbol in place, and then move left or right. The Turing machine is said to be in a certain "state". Finally, the program is a list of "transitions", that is a list that says, given a current state and a symbol currently under the head, what should be written on the tape, what state the machine should go, and whether the head should move left or right.

The tape is used to store data. In addition, it can also store a series of transitions (a small programs) and thus, the head can run "sub-programs". We then say a Turing machine is emulating another one (the one on the tape).

By analogy with modern computers, the tape is the memory and the head is the microprocessor.


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