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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Nataliee Dee: Drawings to Huff by

I live in columbus, ohio. i work in an office building. i live with my husband in a townhouse. the basement floor has recently become an experiment in plate tectonics, so i think we may move soon. hopefully, we will move somewhere that allows dogs, as it is my dream to own a dog. i used to have hamsters, but they all died. my interests include different ways to wash my face, knitting, going to the mall, and the melvins. sometimes i fixate on one strange and unlikely thing. i used to think a lot about ET chasing me up the stairs, since i find him particularly heinous. but recently i have been thinking about falling out of my chair at work and hitting my chin on my desk and biting my tongue off. i think about it almost the entire time i am at work. i am on anti-anxiety medications.

Ask Natalie is my advice column. Ask me questions and I will answer them. Beginning July 7th, "Ask Natalie" is going to be run weekly in the Columbus Alive. The columns will be posted here the week after they run in the paper, for those not fortunate enough to live in columbus. Please continue to send in your questions to asknatalie@nataliedee.com.

1-26-2005: the station wagon.
11-15-2004: swinging in your mom's direction.
10-12-2004: it was great.
9-7-2004: hundred dollar whiny bitch
8-4-2004: D: D: D: 6-17-2004: cool out. COOL OUT.
5-11-2004: old dudes and beards.


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