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Monday, July 25, 2005

Alicia Silverstone on Basic ISDN Configuration

"Erwin Great, do you mind telling our readers how you became interested in Internetworking? Alicia During the filming of The Crush, production was going slow, so one of my friends thought it would be cool if I got my CNE (editor: Certified Novell Engineer), back then everybody had a CNE and you didn't even need experience on a NetWare server, just a few tests and Bang! I was a CNE. Anyway, since then I have a become a Microsoft Certified Professional in Windows Notepad and just 3 months ago I earned the Cisco CCNA. Erwin That's great, Alicia. What's your Favorite routing protocol? Alicia I like RIP. It's easy to configure and there are no tough issues like the 'autonomous system' numbers and stuff. I'm not good at math."

(via cynical-c)


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