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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Vintage Mesh Hats by Hussy

Timeless trash from the no-class perverts at Hussy. These hats feature vintage images from the 1850 - 1930's displayed on color coordinated mesh back trucker hats. Mmmmm...classy.

Perfect for work, church, and meeting the parents. A sexy and ironic take on the trucker hat fad that will have people doing double takes as they realize it really is a naked woman on your hat. But it's ok...cause it's vintage...and that somehow makes it alright.

We use only the finest mesh caps featuring virgin polystryrene foam and pure machine spun nylon to yield a hat of surpassing beauty and longevity. A beautiful piece of vintage clothing today, a non-biodegradable piece of landfill flotsam decades from now. Hussy Hats are built to last.

Hussy is a company dedicated to producing top quality clothing items that just happen to have pictures of naked people on them. This is most likely a serious error in judgement on our part and we have every expectation that we will soon be returning to our original business plan of printing t-shirts with pictures of cute little bunnies and duckies. In the meantime please enjoy the fun at our expense.

Hussy Clothing Company



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