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Monday, July 25, 2005

From the desk of some hardcore atheist: The Failure of Faith

(be sure to check out 'Jesus Was A Horsethief'. LOL.)

"The Failure of Faith
Faith represents the primacy of wishful thinking over reason. It is a corrupt paradigm and, as such, must necessarily fail in the sense that the more closely it is examined, the more its contradictions with reality are exposed and the more it's practitioners are forced into more convoluted and ridiculous defenses.

Let's Do the Math
For the sake of this exercise, lets allow for a maximum of 1 One True Religion (OTR). According to adherents.com, only 33% of all humans are members of the various xian cults (I have an almanac that puts the number closer to 25%, but let's be generous here and include all the bible-based snake handling and chicken sacrificing xian cults). That means that by conservative estimate, and from the xian perspective, at least 67% of all humans on the planet are practicing some form of non-xian faithcraft. By the self serving xian definition, just over two thirds of all humans are at variance with what xians insist is the one and only 'TRUTH'. By xian definition, whatever 'faith' all these people hold could not possibly be correct.

Now, the largest xian cult is the catholics who account for approx half of all xians. If you ask a devout catholic, they will tell you that all non-catholics are incorrect about the things they hold on faith. That is another one sixth of the people on this planet clinging to an error-based faith. Do the math and you come up with approximately 17% of those exercising 'faith' as the maximum who can possibly be correct. That is one in six! At best!

For fun, if you do the math for a Southern Baptist, who will assure you with all conviction that everyone else is going straight to hell, especially the 'bloody papists', faith becomes 0.75% as reliable as it is for the catholics, or about 0.2% (that's two tenths of one percent) as reliable as flipping a coin! Slots hit more often than that.

In other words, if you follow xian claims about faith to their logical conclusion, you will observe "

About the Author
Rick Wingrove is a navy veteran, a single parent, a taxpayer, a Constitutional patriot, a pro-choice voter, and a hard, assertive, full realization Atheist. He believes that politicians and religious fundamentalists are the scum of the earth. He also believes that George the Appointed is a moron, who was rejected by the voters, but who managed to Forrest Gump his way into the White House and was floundering in ineptitude until September 11th brought surly nationalism back into vogue and saved his career.

Besides motorcyles, hanggliding, football, woodwork, photography, travel, reading, Science, raising his daughter, and spreading understanding about Atheism, Rick has no outside interests.

For money, Rick whores himself to companies that need stuff done with computers. Sadly, there is not that much money in professional atheism.

Rick lives in the fundamentalist theme park of Virginia, near DC, where he is appalled daily by the stupidity and pure evil emanating from inside the Beltway.

Rick is currently the Virginia State Director for American Atheists.


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