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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Pony Play

How did you get involved with pony play? That is probably the most common question I am asked so here is history about me. Elvis Presley had died, I was playing in a band and working part time at a radio station. One of the shifts I worked was the early Sunday morning shift. Since this was mostly pre-recorded programs, I often would read magazines. I was naive and didn't know much, in fact the only reason I picked up the magazine was because of the photo of Elvis on the front. I had no idea what "Forum Variations" was about!

I got to the radio station, opened up the magazine and the first article I read was about 10 women in upstate New York that had a farm. They had both male and female slaves and used them as horses. If I can find that article, I'll post it on here sometime. Anyway, it really got me excited. Then I read an article about a woman who with her clothes on would sit on a guys face making him be her human face seat cushion. Well.. I had those thoughts since the fifth grade when I would fantasize about being the seat cushion for Mrs. Raye, a school teacher who's room was across the hall. To realize that others had the same or similar thoughts was also exciting.



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