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Friday, May 27, 2005

Preach's Poker: Long night at the office

Well last night I signed up for a $6+$1 Texas No Limit Hold’em tournament at PartyPoker.com. The field was 1,590 other players.

Couple of funny/lucky hands happened. At one point I was down pretty far and the blinds were large so I was forced to go all in at one point because I could not cover the $30,000 big blind and was dealt a 5,4 off suit. Well I thought that was going to be the end of my run, but not a bad night as I was going to place roughly 200th out of 1,590, but the flop came 5,5,k and I knocked a guy with pocket ace’s and a guy that paired up the king out of the tourney. Needless to say they had a few choice words for me as they parted ways from the table.

And so, I played on after being tripled at that point and in pretty good shape.

I worked my way up to the final table and busted out sixth for $230. Not much money, but it was off of a $6 investment and it was a ton of fun.


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