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Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Long Tail: The dangers of "Headism"

(image from flickr: Project 404)

"In these speeches I've been riffing on the dangers of 'headism', the mistake of assuming that the economic incentives and other forces that dominate at the head of a demand curve apply equally down the tail. This is a common misconception, much like when people ask bloggers how they intend to make money from their online noodling (other than, you know, turning it into a sure-to-be bestselling book coming out RSN)." (more at link)

'Long Tail' is the new buzzword to live by. Mice and monkeys have long tails, and they are mammals.

If I had a long tail, I would use it to throw stuff at innocent bystanders or to hold my cell phone to my ear while driving.

Safety first, citizens. Safety first.


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