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Friday, May 27, 2005

Sign of a good time . . . Midget Inside

Sign of a good time . . .
Originally uploaded by Hryckowian.

from Hryckowian on Flickr:

They have a midget employed here. You order the specialty shot, he comes dancing out of a box at the end of the bar, and pours it down your throat.

That would be heavenly. Preach here at Snarkyspot knows a dwarf named Danny who knows Mini-me (Verne Troyer). From the stories I've heard, Verne can drink like nobody's business.

Edit by preach:

I have partied with Verne Troyer quite a few times, and should I ever write a tell all book there will be many stories of Hookers, Strippers, and Drugs. I might even through in some fire trucks and donkeys.

Edit by preach: Crazy Midget.


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