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Friday, July 15, 2005

The Boss

1. loser
A dumb bitch who uses the wrong hand to make the "L" symbol on her forehead.

2. loser
Someone who generally sucks at life.

3. loser
A douche bag who has a curfew at the age of 20, lives w/ his parents, works at a generic video store, has a broken car, gets beat up in front of his own house, gets offered food from bums, and has a desire to go out with druggie white girls who look to him as a paternal figure.

5. loser
1. someone who loses.
2. deY tYpz lYkZ dIsZ nD dINk dEy bE sO kEwl.
3. someone who is so pathetic you are frightened to be near him/her.
1. Yankees won the game. Mets were the losers.
2. Oh, that internet weirdo is a loser.
3. Oh gosh, that guy over there trying to be cool, using bad slang, laughing like a hyena, he's a loser.


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