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Friday, July 15, 2005

Hooter Shooters: Fake boobs that squirt liquor shots at bar patron's mouths

HAND MADE UNITS: Each Hooter Shooter unit is hand crafted, hand painted and assembled one at a time. If your unit has any unsightly flaws or does not function to your satisfaction, please call us and we will send you a brand new one, repair your unit or give you a full refund. We love our product and stand behind each and every one.

1. Strap on breast unit only
2. Put outfit on and feed tubes from breasts through holes in sides of outfit
3. Strap on belt with Hooter Shooter logo and money pouch in front
4. Place containers in looped holders on each side of belt
5. Fill containers with preferred flavors of alcohol
6. Insert pumps into containers and snap closed (be sure to put white connector toward back)
7. Insert hose onto white connector so it is firmly attached
8. Be sure to always have arrow on white connector pointing toward hoses
9. Pump unit several times until it is primed and ready for serving, be sure when priming to do
this procedure slowly so not to shoot anyone with alcohol or to waste

We eliminated a great deal of connection apparatuses for ease of connection and cleaning.
They may seem like simple pieces and parts, but it's for the servers' ease.


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