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Friday, July 15, 2005

Transformers Botcon collector's convention 2005

For over 20 years, Transformers have been mesmerizing children and collectors alike with their amazing transformations from vehicles and beasts to robots and back again. Each year brings new story lines, new products and new excitement while the characters’ personalities and transformations continue to evolve. 2005 continues this tradition of change and innovation. Join us this year at BotCon 2005 as we celebrate Transformers Changing Gears.

September 22-25, Frisco TX
Come and join the fun!
"Changing Gears"

Embassy Suites Dallas - Frisco
972-712- 7200

Rates are good from September 20-26 at $129.00
Call now to make your reservation.

Fill out your form and fax it or mail it today!

FAX: 817-448-9843

Transformers BotCon '05
225 Cattle Baron Parc Dr
Fort Worth, TX 76108

Questions? Call 817-448-9863



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