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Friday, July 15, 2005

Stab You in the Head and Eat Your Face Off "Killin' Toys" CD - AVERSIONLINE.COM

"Stab You in the Head and Eat Your Face Off "Killin' Toys" CD
7/10 - [Red Scroll]
After about a minute of samples and such this brief EP blows through a handful of quick tracks that fluidly mesh blazing fast crossover thrash, old school hardcore, and fucking perfect NYHC styled mosh breaks. The vocals are basically higher midrange yells with a few backup yells, so they sound just a little different from the norm, but in a good way. "Rummy" and "Haastyle" use a few grinding metallic riffs and some discordant textures/chords, but they don't get generic or stray too far from the general direction of the disc. To my pleasant surprise they close with an unlisted cover of Earth Crisis' "Wrath of Sanity", and I love that song, so I love their cover. Fuck yeah. The recording is pretty raw, and a little bit thin, which seems strange to me, but… it works out okay in the end. Sure, a cleaner, heavier sound would help 'em out, but something about their approach seems like it will definitely need to retain a certain edge of ruggedness regardless. The layout is minimal but great, using simple, bold text, awesome imagery, and a matte finish. The front and back covers are photographs of variations on the band name done up in graffiti murals, and I think that looks fucking awesome. It's really bold and especially stands out on the back of the traycard. The lyrics are pretty bitter and have far more of an intent than the over the top band name might suggest: "…it's just so damn hard to live but my life is worth more than a piece of paper it's worth more than a set of rules and I've never been more certain that we're all just being used as tools." I'm not familiar with this band and the CD showed up unannounced with a note slapped on it that said "Review this." So I reviewed it, and I like it, and people should check into this. Thanks to whoever it was that threw this in the mail to me. The end.
Running time - 14:26, Tracks: 7
[Notable tracks: Outro/Dead Fucking Wrong, Bury My Bones But Keep My Words, Wrath of Sanity]
Red Scroll Records, 5 Arbor Lane, Wallingford, CT 06492"

Even nicer if they linked some mp3s to check out. --Monkeyman


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