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Thursday, August 17, 2006

'Downtime' by Spiral Lobster (book)

Spiral Lobster: "Spiral Lobster came into existence through the fusion of a sperm and egg some thirty years ago, but was only able to acquire credit cards recently. He studied at Manchester University gaining a Masters degree in Artificial Intelligence, as well as studying Astrophysics and Philosophy.

In 1994, he was appointed Acting Omnibenevolent Polyfather of the Virginity in Gold to the Discordian Society, an agnostic anti-dogmatic religion founded in 1959 and now a worldwide phenomena. For six years he was the editor of the Discordian magazine 'd8mer', to which he remains a regular contributor.

He recently joined International Hobo (www.ihobo.co.uk), where he produces game designs, scripts and guerrilla ontology. He is very much in love with his wife, and his zero children.

He is currently working on a novel based upon his experiences with the Discordian Society, and with his own cabal, the Tropist Monks of Byzantium (www.discordia-inc.co.uk) and has recently completed 'Downtime', the sequel to 'Downtime'."

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