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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

catgirl - Urban Dictionary

They all bow down to Catwoman. BOW I SAID!!

"1. catgirl - Girls in their young teens who frequent scifi, gaming, and anime cons. That usualy sport cat ears and spout broken, often incorrect Japanese in an attempt to be more like an anime character. That are prone to loud and ocasionaly violent outbursts in an attempt to get attention. 'That girl just threw her underwear at that Kenshin cosplayer.' 'Damn cat girls'" Urban Dictionary: catgirl

Catgirl Obsession - the clique
For fans of feline-like characters. Explanation, requirements, application form, codes, member list, and FAQ.

Annedroid - Ken Stone's Super Dollfie page.
Discover the delights of lovable miniature horses and ponies. Careful, they're addictive!
Elyne Mitchell's "The Silver Brumby". Among the best horse stories ...
www.anime.net/~kens/ - 6k

The Catgirl Webring
For sites containing artwork or information about catgirls. Your site can contain original art, fan
art or actual anime art. But it must be about Cat Girls.

Which anime catgirl are you? - QuizillaWhich anime catgirl are you? What kind of
clothes do you wear? My work uniform Cute little dresses A nice cloak My school outfit ...
quizilla.com/users/B17/quizzes/Which%20anime%20catgirl%20are%20you%3F/ - 21k -


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