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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sexy Podcasts : Fleshbot (link at end NSFW)

There are more at the link at bottom (NSFW). Other links may not be worksafe for eyeballs, either.

"We were surprised to read an article today claiming that the market for erotic podcasts is “underserved”: judging from the wide-ranging selection of programming our assistant editrix Violet Blue rounded up for us (and you), there’s already a lot of people out there aurally fixated on everything from rope bondage and lube wrestling to daily doses of smut and the ever-tasty “lesbian soup”. (Which doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty of room for more, of course. As we’re so fond of saying here at Fleshbot Central, it’s a big world.)"

The Dawn and Drew Show
Conversations between this raunchy Wisconsin farm couple “pulling fingers around
the globe” has resulted in a rabid cult following … and a sponsorship by Durex.
Podcast RSS | Site

Fetish Flame
“A couple’s exploration into the darker side” includes funny interviews with
dominatrixes and more.
Podcast RSS | Site

Fetish Radio
What started out as “morning coffee notes for the kinky-minded” has turned
into a veritable sexual smorgasbord from this London podcaster with a fetish bent.
Podcast RSS | Site

Sexy Podcasts : Fleshbot

(via invisible-temple.org)


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