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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Masters Of American Comics - Positive Ape Index

Lots of great images at the link:

I was lucky enough to be asked to tag along with an all-star group of art-god cartoonists, and visit the Masters of American Comics show yesterday, at the UCLA Hammer Museum. In attendance: Jaime Hernandez, Johnny Ryan, Jordan Crane, Steven "Ribs" Weissman, Sammy "The Beard" Harkham, and Ron Rege Jr. We were one fatal head-on collision away from putting Fantagraphics outta business!

I had already been blown away by the other half of the show, showcasing artists from 1950 to now, which is currently at MOCA, and was looking forward to seeing the rest of the show, which focused on comic strips & artists from the first half of the twentieth century. I wasn't prepared for the overwhelming experience that was to come.

Positive Ape Index


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