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Monday, August 15, 2005

Police: Drunk Man Stole Snack Truck, Sought Cash For More Beer

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- First he stole a potato chip delivery truck, then he tried to sell its cargo for $5 so he could get a beer.

That's according to police in Buffalo, New York, where a man was arrested Tuesday and charged with driving while intoxicated, grand larceny and other offenses.

Police say the man drove off in a Frito-Lay delivery truck after the driver left the keys in the ignition.

A witness told police that the man stepped out of the truck with a box of chips and offered to sell the whole truck for $20, but said he'd settle for five bucks because he wanted a beer.

Officers say the man hit two parked cars before he was apprehended while trying to hide behind a building.

Authorities say he had a blood-alcohol content of point-two-six -- more than three times the legal limit.


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