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Monday, August 15, 2005

'Muffin tops' on the rise

If you've seen a group of girls sauntering through the mall in their low-rise jeans, chances are you've seen a "muffin top." That's the nickname for the roll of flesh that swells over a lot of those waistbands.

The term is perfect, but also kind of sad. It's perfect because the snarky name might finally slow sales of the pelvis-pinching jeans and needle designers into giving girls the range of styles they deserve. But the phrase is sad because it provides irresistible fodder for school-cafeteria fashionistas.

The low-rise trend has hung tough for about five years now -- longer than the fashion industry imagined or many parents wished. The phenomenon isn't limited to girls, of course. Some grown women also like jeans that hug a spot that, for many, doesn't benefit from additional scrutiny, much less bakery imagery.



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