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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Hill Country Nudists

Hill Country Nudists (HCN) is dedicated to the wholesome acceptance of the human body and the enjoyment of nude recreation. Nudism / Naturism is not about sex, it is about freedom and acceptance. Hill Country Nudists is not a sexually oriented club and all ages are welcome.

Our membership consists of a mix of couples and singles and includes families with children. We provide a means for people to get together and enjoy recreational activities in the nude and experience the support of a like minded group.

Do not be concerned about your own personal appearance. Everyone is different and that diversity is celebrated and accepted. There is no such thing as a perfect body. The mutual acceptance of club members leads to a healthier acceptance of ourselves.

We do not own our own club facilities, but operate as a travel recreation club, meeting at designated recreation sites and member's homes. We have a great variety of activities, ranging from trips to nude resorts in Texas to a simple afternoon of skinny dipping at Hippie Hollow. We are based in Austin, Texas.

Membership is open to all, regardless of ethnicity, gender or marital status. Prospective members are required to participate in two activities prior to being voted in for membership in HCN, one of which the prospective must be nude..

Past activities include:

* Seminars for those new to nude recreation.
* Picnics, camp outs, hikes and swims.
* BBQ and pot luck dinners.
* Hot tub and pool parties.
* Holiday theme parties (Halloween is a hoot!).
* Sharing hobby interests.
* Regional nudist gatherings at area resorts.
* Public education and service to the community.

We are associated with the two major national nudist organizations, the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) and The Naturist Society (TNS). Also, HCN is associated with one of the largests regional AANR districts - Southwestern Sunbathing Association (SWSA).


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