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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Sculpture as Hood Ornaments

Sculpture as Hood Ornament - One of my goals as a Sculptor is to expose people to my art in ways that grab their attention. One way to do that is by putting art where people least expect to see it - in the middle of traffic, on the hood of an automobile. Our modern culture is so busy and full, we have barely enough time to stop and enjoy art in it's traditional venues (the museum or gallery), but there are automobiles EVERYWHERE.

A Custom Hood Ornament can be a great way to express oneself, or just have more fun during your day to day driving adventures. Please contact me with ideas you have about what kind of unique sculpture you imagine as a Hood Ornament for your vehicle. You can use either my Contact Form, or E-mail me.

Your Custom Hood Ornament can have many variations:

  • Wide Range of colors and finishes available
  • Mounting can be flat style (laying down against hood, or other part of vehicle) OR can stand up vertically off the hood

  • Can be as small as 1-2" or as large as the entire hood of your vehicle - it's up to you

We can discuss every aspect of design, and I can send you photos as I work, so that you can monitor progress and have input on the final product--



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