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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

RSS Digest: Show and syndicate RSS and news feed on your Web page with no programming

"What's so great about RSS Digest?

RSS Digest is great because..

* it's been around almost a year.
* it just works!
* it's run by someone with an interest in keeping it going.
* it's totally free and has no advertising!
* it lets you beat your competitors in the search engine wars, by letting you have FRESH content on your site every day.
* hundreds of thousands of pages have linked back to us in appreciation.
* its administrator cares a lot about its users.
* it thrives on the donations from users. We've had no multi-million dollar 'cash injections' like other unimaginative enterprises in this industry. We're serving almost 20 million digests each month for peanuts, and we think our users rock.
* it has 9,464 verified unique users (users without e-mail addresses bring it up to over 11,000)"

Lol, I like the first reason "It's been around almost a year." That's a key selling point. There is also an associated site called Feed Digest:

Feed Digest launches shortly!

Feed Digest will launch within days! It's a complete rewrite with a radically different (better) architecture to that of the current RSS Digest 2. Feed Digest features:

* A total rewrite, and hosted on new servers. It's super fast.
* Throughput to be increased from a max of 1 million requests per day to 10 million+.
* Feed splicing. Mix multiple feeds into a single digest.
* Conditional digesting. Show only items matching certain criteria in your digest.
* Response time cut by a third.
* Select from more pre-existing feeds
* Even slicker URLs
* Significantly better international character encoding support.
* Support for even broken invalid RSS and Atom feeds - thanks to our 'FeedTidy' system.
* Still no ads from us..!
* Commercial options available - a free version will still exist, however!

The top of the RSS Digest site has a blurb stating that they are experience some slowdowns due to lots of requests now. Eek. There are also no new digests being made due to the up and coming launch of Feed Digest, so I guess all you can do is look at the site and imagine what it will do until then...


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