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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Ron Jeremy Reality TV Show in Network Negotiations

LOS ANGELES - Negotiations with the ABC network for a Ron Jeremy reality-TV show are progressing, according to publicist Steve Banan, who revealed that in a conversation he had with executives last Friday, interest was shown "in having several ABC reality show producers take a look at the project."

Banan said he suggested the show as a summer replacement in a Saturday evening primetime 9 or 10 p.m. slot. "Viewers would tune in while they were getting ready to go out and party," he said.

The publicist said he would be meeting with producers at the Gower Studios in Hollywood. "There is no bidding war going on here," he said, "even though ABC has told us not to say yes to any other producer before they had the first opportunity. We are just talking and not signing with anyone at this time."

Jeremy, according to Banan, has given him "the green light to pursue all negotiations for a Ron Jeremy reality-base show deal, pursuant to the finalization and signing by Ron Jeremy himself."



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