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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Big Fat Blog

First of all, welcome to Big Fat Blog.

Big Fat Blog (BFB) was founded in 2000. My original purpose with the blog was to point out just how insanely poorly fat people are portrayed in the media, and the web provided a great vehicle for that. But over time, a community grew organically out of the site. More and more people started commenting, brainstorming, and coming up with ideas progressing the concept of fat acceptance.

Today BFB has a community of just under 1,200 individuals who are interested in advancing fat acceptance. BFB has no official affiliation with any size acceptance organization, but members of both NAAFA and ISAA are BFB members.

The overall goal of Big Fat Blog is not to simply say, "Oh, the media treats people poorly" or the like. We know it's true, and we're going to discuss it for sure. But more than that the tools are in place (and coming down the pike) on the site and beyond for people to take action on it. That means meeting up in person, getting the word out, and taking things offline.


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