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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Welcome to Zombie Sims

"Hi there, and welcome to the cemetery. I'm Wierd Bob the grounds keeper. I keep those lousy dead sims down in the ground. They are always crawling up to execute some unfinished business. A few have escaped , and you'll find them there in the Zombies button below. Of course they can be dangerous. They might attack or kill some of your sims, and they will frighten off the family. Please don't think us cold for foisting them off on you. We just don't want em, it's the smell!"

From the Tips Section:

To get sims that behave like Zombies you need to make them angry. First, let em eat beans! No cooking allowed in the zombie house hold. Beds? Nope, sleep on the floor. Chairs? Give em a couch. Just one. Showers are optional, but hey just think. Stinky zombies! If an object editor comes out we can create things for zombies to play with. Like a corpse! It could act like a fridge, and the entrails could be food! Also, don't give your zombies any personality points. Or maybe a few in active and playful.

I found that zombies in your neighborhood can really upset your other sims. They come over to your other homes, and start slapping people. They start off with that friendly warm handshake, then beat the sims to death!

I locked all my zombies in a large room with a fridge and a TV and let them just filth the place up. Even with a neatness of 0 they tend to clean up too much .


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