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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Torrents of Interest - Yahoo! Buzz Log

Torrents of Interest - Yahoo! Buzz Log:

In-the-know TV junkies aren't even messing with a DVR anymore. Some aren't even bothering with a TV. Instead of setting up timers to record their favorite show when it airs, Web heads are turning to the treasure trove of shows available for download on black market BitTorrent sites.

Torrent searches spiked over the past week, but we attribute that to movie junkies looking to snag copies of Academy Award-nominated flicks not yet available on DVD. Waxy.org researched the prevalence of Oscar-nominated movies available online and found 31 of the 34 films named by Oscar were out there on the Web in some form.

Interest in serialized TV shows and award-worthy movies are adding up to a perfect storm of Torrent interest. Searches on "bittorrent search" (+720%), "torrent download sites" (+500%), and "torrent search sites" (+210%) all jumped significantly over the last week.

What shows or movies are these scofflaws searching on the most? We steered our Buzz barge into pirate waters to come up with the top 20 torrent searches for the week...

  1. Night at the Museum Torrent
  2. 24 Torrent
  3. Stomp the Yard Torrent
  4. Prison Break Torrent
  5. Dreamgirls Torrent
  6. Babel Torrent
  7. Heroes Torrent
  8. Casino Royale Torrent
  9. Borat Torrent
  10. Desperate Housewives Torrent
  1. Battlestar Galactica Torrent
  2. Apocolypto Torrent
  3. The Pursuit of Happyness Torrent
  4. The Office Torrent
  5. Smallville Torrent
  6. Lost Torrent
  7. Grey's Anatomy Torrent
  8. Rocky Balboa Torrent
  9. Eragon Torrent
  10. Children of Men Torrent


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