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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Google Checkout vs. Paypal - Google breaks ceasefire with eBay - Valleywag

BEHIND THE NEWS: Google breaks ceasefire with eBay - Valleywag:
Google is promoting Checkout, its online payment service, on the search engine's front page, and offering shoppers a $10 bonus to set up an account. On the surface, it's a mildly aggressive move, reminiscent of rival Paypal's inducements to users. But Google's new promotion is more. A former executive at eBay, which acquired Paypal and made it the default payment option on the online auction site, tells Valleywag that the two giants agreed tacitly in 2003 to stay out of eachother's turf. (more)

Google Checkout
checkout.google.com      Learn how Google Checkout can help you buy or sell online.

Google Checkout

Google Checkout is a new service that makes online shopping faster, safer and more convenient. Selling online? Google Checkout can help you increase your ...

Google Checkout Tour

Welcome to Google Checkout™ -- a new service that makes online shopping ... You can read below about how Google Checkout works, or watch a quick video tour. ...
checkout.google.com/buyer/tour.html - 12k

Google Checkout

Additional Stores Search Froogle for something to buy and look for this shopping cart icon: Google Checkout shopping cart icon ...
www.google.com/checkout/m.html - 61k - Jan 19, 2007 -

Google Accounts

A Google Account is the key that unlocks the world of Google. Learn more. ... If so, you already have a Google Account. You can sign in on the right. ...
https://www.google.com/accounts/Login - 9k -

Official Google Checkout Blog

The O'Reilly Network has published my tutorial about the Google Checkout API, ... We also released integrations of Google Checkout with the open source ...
googlecheckout.blogspot.com/ - 30k - Jan 19, 2007 -


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