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Friday, January 19, 2007

Pointless Sites - Useless Sites - PointlessSites.com

Pointless Sites - Useless Sites - PointlessSites.com:

The definitive place for pointless websites... A popular portal for premier pointlessness....
We aim to list here only pointless and useless sites that; are completely pointless, don't have pop up/under ads or too many ads in general, are original, useless, are not offensive (we are not sure if pinguin extreme has crossed the line?) and most of all make you smile.
Also known as useless sites, useless websites, pointless websites, time wasters, pointless pages, and pointless webpages!
If you like a site - then please VOTE! for it -
All listed and votable from the A to Z list or use the search box.
Click the Vote button by the link. Vote for as many different sites as you like (but only once for any one site each day).
Vote every day for the sites you like... Have fun...

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