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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

How much do you have to drink to become a bigot? moxie: Carnival of Mel

Mel has apologized in a decent way (finally) but here at the Moxtopia compound, we are conducting a scientific experiment to determine exactly how much booze it takes to make a normal person become a bigot. Sure, it's a Tuesday, but we're doing this because we care.

Therefore, I, Moxie the atheist am drinking nonstop for the next 10 hours and posting every hour...the goal is to identify the amount of booze required to spew even one anti-semitic slur.

Joining me will be a good Christian, Steve H. of Hog on Ice.

Our control subject will be Aaron, who is an observant Jew.

It's the unholy trinity! (more) moxie: Carnival of Mel

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