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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Trailer For Paul Verhoeven's ZWARTBOEK Has Nazis, Bombs, And Titties!! (Ain't It Cool News)

(from the site)

Merrick here...

www.filmfocus.nl has posted the trailer for Paul Verhoeven's new film.

Know ye that the entirety of this trailer is in Dutch. Although, it is possible to decipher a graphic that exalts the film as being "from the director of SOLDIER OF ORANGE and BASIC INSTINCT".


At least they didn't choose SHOWGIRLS.

The movie's called ZWARTBOEK (which means BLACKBOOK in Dutch). It's set in World War II and is about a German Jewish girl who joins the resistance in Holland to find those responsible for the betrayal/murder of her family.

The film represents something of a "return to roots" for Verhoeven, who American audiences may best remember for ultra-violent, super-sexy little ditties like STARSHIP TROOPERS, ROBOCOP, TOTAL RECALL, HOLLOW MAN, and BASIC INSTINCT (as mentioned above).

Love him or hate him, the biz always seemed edgy and interesting when he was around; it'll be fascinating to see if his future brings him back to the American mainstream once more. And, if it happens, I wonder how audiences would react given the current social/political climate?


(look for the link called "de trailer van Paul Verhoevens 'Zwartboek'")

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