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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Christian comic books: The Messiah is the message (aka 'Jesus: You're soaking in it/him')

MINNETONKA, Minn. — Zap! Pow! Amen!

Whether it’s fanciful tales of jewel-colored angels battling demons for a man’s soul or retellings of familiar stories from the Bible, Christian comic books are taking wing.

“Christians have the best stories to tell,” said Sherwin Schwartzrock, a Christian comic book artist and graphic designer. “The world is full of hurting people, with drug abuse and with all types of problems that we have as human beings. Jesus Christ is an answer.”

Creating comics is a delicate balance for Christian artists and writers using a medium sometimes viewed as frivolous or tawdry. But Schwartzrock says comics are like movies: They can spread an uplifting message as easily as an immoral one.

The number of Christian comic books has grown rapidly in the last few years. Some creators teamed up to form Community Comics LLC, a cooperative that links Christian comic-book artists and helps promote and distribute their books.

While reliable sales figures aren’t available, the number of titles has at least doubled, if not tripled, in the past year alone, said Steve MacDonald, who runs the website www.christiancomicbooks.net that lists Christian comic books and graphic novels and where to get them. (full article)
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