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Monday, July 10, 2006

Steelbender.com: Unknown..... Uncut: A Conversation With Unknown Hinson

This guy is crazy.

"'My chart-toppin' teeth and gums do bleed from time to time and git infected. But I have found that Party Liquor is a damn good Anti-septic.' "

"I'm the KING OF COUNTRY WESTERN TROUBADOURS. I'm ever womern's dream and ever jealous husband's nightmare, and I don't take no mess," bellowed the cranky voice at the other end of the telephone. It was a Sunday afternoon in North Carolina.....the Lord's day. That alone would be reason enough to worry about disturbing the man known as Unknown Hinson. After all, the King is a religious man. All one has to do is look into his eyes to see it. If he wasn't in church, he'd most certainly be sleeping in during the day and getting a well-deserved rest from the demands of his busy schedule. Aside from the fact that he has been charged with vampirism in his past.....an accusation he vehemently denies.....Unknown Hinson isn't exactly fond of most people's waking hours. He is first and foremost a musician. We all know about musicians and the hours they keep."

Steelbender.com: Unknown..... Uncut: A Conversation With Unknown Hinson

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