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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Woman kisses orangutan, readers proclaim disgust but save it to 'pr0n' folder anyway

They know they likey likey.

"We've been deluged with phone calls from readers less than heart-warmed by the front-page photo of a Santa-garbed woman and an orangutan sharing what looks for all the world like a French kiss. A sampling:

Larry Allen, Raleigh: 'I am thoroughly disgusted by the color photo at the top of the front page.'

Ira Vail, Cary: 'This is really over the top. This is in poor taste. You look at it and say, 'gee, I think I'm going to throw my cheerios up.''

Boyd Byrd, Bunn Level: 'I've seen some stupid things in this paper, but this is the stupidest.'"
(more) newsobserver.com |Readers' Corner - Animal rights


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