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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Muslim Bikini? No, burqini (is that like a Muslim martini?)

From what I can gather by looking at that picture, she may need to invent the Muslim adult diaper to go with that swank ensemble, because I think she piddled herself, either with the excitement of invention or the fear of imminent stoning.

"ITSY-BITSY, teeny-weeny bikinis are common -- but now multicultural Australia has head-to-foot 'burqinis'.

Designer Aheda Zanetti calls the outfit an 'Islamic bikini' because it has pants and a top.

She said the costume, marketed under the name Ahiida and available on the internet, covered everything except hands, feet and face."
(more) Herald Sun: Bikini? No, burqini [25dec05]

(via fark)


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