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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Col. Steve Austin...the Twelve Dollar and Forty Nine Cent Man [men-oo-she-a]

From Joe Riley's site, check out the rest of his posts, always some great ephemera to dig through. See this link for the images Joe posted for this Six Million Dollar Man writeup:

Back when I posted about this cool site, Plastic Model Building Mania, I also showed a picture of the great Six Million Dollar Man model that he'd built. I even mention in the post that I was going to go on Ebay and look for my own Steve Austin kit, as I apparently gotten the 70's model kit bug...again!
Well...I went biddin' and won, not one, but two...or actually one and most of a second one. I won the very Six Million Dollar Man kit I was looking for..."Jaws of Doom" and most of the "Evil Rider" kit in one auction. I got'em today and I'm posting the great box art and the instruction sheet for "Jaws of Doom".


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