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Monday, November 21, 2005

Tridentine Latin Rites Church - Seattle Eastside cult faces sex abuse claim

"Seattle - Members of a reclusive religious sect claim to be dedicating their lives to God.

The Eastside group is known by many different names, but most commonly as the 'Tridentine Latin Rites Church.' It is not associated with the Catholic Church or the archdiocese of Seattle.


Video shot by KING 5 News outside a Seattle hospital captures what appears to be a crime, an elderly woman surrounded and then snatched at the main door of a Seattle hospital.


Her captors are none other than her own children, who call this an intervention, a last ditch effort to save their mother from the grip of a mysterious religious sect.

“Her mind is in prison. She's been told if she talks to her children and her husband she will be damned and lose her soul ,” said her daughter, Rosemarie Offenhauer, “and we saw that very vividly as we talked to her.”

Mrs. Raleigh is a long-time member of the Tridentine Church. After decades of running from the law and controversy in other cities, about 100 Tridentines have lived for several years in obscurity in the suburbs east of Seattle."
(more) Eastside cult faces sex abuse claim


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